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Madrivo’s Email-Generated Revenue Hits an All-Time High on the Busiest Shopping Weekend of the Year

In the months leading up to Thanksgiving Weekend, multiple market research forums predicted that Black Friday and Cyber Monday would be the biggest online shopping days of year and that sales on Monday would generate the largest online revenue in history.

These predictions turned into realities and, although each day’s total revenue didn’t increase as much as in previous years, ecommerce earnings rose by 9.5% on Friday and 8.1% on Monday, with email traffic largely to thank.

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Madrivo Grows 1ink Through Promotions, Placement, and Partnership

Through 2014, Madrivo has connected with over twenty thousand new customers, nearing 1 million in sales.Since its inception in 2011, Madrivo has strived to help companies like, the leading online provider of quality ink supplies, reach their target customers through the most cost-efficient online marketing channels.

Madrivo leverages its resources to analyze consumer behavior and position brands in a meaningful way. With both the optimization of techtelligence and an adherence to industry compliance guidelines, the prestigious integrated online marketing agency has helped companies like realize their true potential as a top contender in the ecommerce space

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Madrivo and Benevolent Generation Proudly Invest in the Future of Orphans and Impoverished Children in Romania

Madrivo, an integrated media agency that specializes in affiliate marketing, and Benevolent Generation, a diversified investment and private equity firm, are proud to announce their joint participation with Romanian non-profit organization OvidiuRo as philanthropic investors.

Founded by Romanian teacher Maria Gheorghiu and American volunteer Leslie Hawke, the mother of Ethan Hawke, OvidiuRo helps provide early education to all poverty –stricken children in Romania. 

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Madrivo Designated a "Great Place to Work" For Employees by Great Rated!

The Great Rated! survey and rating system is based on over 25 years of global research. "Great Place to Work" is considered the benchmark for recognition of outstanding workplace culture and with great pride, Madrivo is honored to announce the company has received a top Great Rated! review.

Great Rated! has been using the Trust Index Tool for over two decades to distinguish "Great Places to Work", for employers, and Madrivo is revered to be included in the exclusive group of companies.

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Madrivo Is Proud To Present The Originator of Affiliate Outsourced Program Management, Linda Woods, As Managing Director of Integrated Marketing Services

Madrivo is a diversified online media agency and a leader in Internet marketing technology.

The agency is proud to expand upon the existing portfolio of services by welcoming Linda Woods as Managing Director of Madrivo Integrated Marketing and OPM Services.

Linda Woods brings a wealth of Outsourced Program Management (OPM) experience, vast industry knowledge, and proven advertising strategies to the Madrivo team.

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Madrivo Reaches Over a Half Million Foreign Language Learners in the United States

Madrivo recognized consumer demand for foreign language educational resources and launched its first Pimsleur Learning Language campaign in May 2012. Since that initial campaign, Madrivo has reached over 500,000 people with their integrated and calibrated marketing solutions.

Madrivo proudly contributes to the professional and personal development of thousands of Americans who want to learn foreign languages.

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Madrivo Helps Customers Find the Home Affordable Refinance Program HARP

Madrivo has revolutionized the process of delivering global products and services to targeted demographics online. The company’s most recent breakthrough with the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) demonstrates the ability to effectively source and connect the consumer demand for mortgage modification with a supply of potential lenders.

In 2014 alone, Madrivo effectively reached around 700,000 online consumers wanting mortgage modifications. These numbers are expected to grow; an estimated 750,000 homeowners are eligible for the program though they have yet to apply.

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Top 10 CPA Networks Madrivo Review

The Madrivo team is constantly developing new strategies to find online publishing niches and innovative channels of reaching customers.



Madrivo offers advertisers access to exclusive email marketing teams that generate high quality, targeted clicks and conversions.

In addition, Madrivo upholds the highest standards for advertisement compliance, client security and confidentiality.

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Marketing Agency Turning Las Vegas into a Vibrant Technology Hub and a Close-Knit Community

Forbes Magazine described Madrivo as helping to turn Las Vegas into a “Vibrant Technology Hub.” Madrivo is now building a community on the east side of Las Vegas, one building at a time.

By the end of 2012, it was clear that after the first year of business, Madrivo was growing at such a rapid rate, that a permanent and larger office space was needed to accommodate the needs of an expanding employee base

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A Video Journey Into The Madrivo World

Online advertising, affiliate marketing, and lead generation statistics and growth rates. Additional comparisons to traditional print and television media and global advertising spend.

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