Case Studies

Madrivo’s Lead Generation Campaign Helps Thousands of Americans Find Affordable Life Insurance Policies

In 2012, a well-known insurance provider, was just starting to introduce digital advertising initiatives into the marketing mix and reached out to Madrivo for media buying guidance. The buyer had heard of Madrivo, a digital marketing agency commonly referred to as the “email giant” in the affiliate space, and wanted expertise on generating high-quality leads.

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Madrivo's Mortgage Refinance Lead Generation Campaign Benefits the Nation

Before working with Madrivo, Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP offers were promoted mostly through social media channels, which made it difficult for mortgage refinance lead buyers to achieve their goal of reaching the customers who qualified for the program. These lead buyers approached Madrivo based on their reputation for compliant, ethical, and effective...

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Madrivo's Direct Response Advertising Efforts Contribute to the Solar Boom

Madrivo's conjoined effort with Solar Savings America headed a national explosion in the residential solar industry, connecting thousands of homeowners with residential solar options. Madrivo quickly gained momentum in solar lead generation andproviding up to 20,000 leads per month and generating more than $258 million dollars for the residential solar industry. As a result, Madrivo has helped solar companies generate a 500% ROI in an exceedingly competitive market.

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