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Inc. 5000 Welcomes Madrivo to 2016 List of Fastest Growing US Companies

Madrivo was ranked among the fifteen fastest growing private marketing / advertising companies in the US, with revenues of over $25 million. With revenues totaling over $32.4 Million in 2015, Madrivo grew by 594% over the past three years. Madrivo's growth is attributed to a method of consistent digital innovation and process-focus implemented globally. The performance marketing agency operates internationally and is headquartered in the heart of Las Vegas and plans to continue growing through organic innovation and acquisition in 2017. With the unique combination of top-tier talent and seasoned management, along with industry-leading technology and clear focus, Madrivo plans on continued growth through the expansion of digital media channels and brands. 

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MadrivoOPM Celebrates Heath Bertini’s Work Anniversary, Noting his Lasting Contributions

MadrivoOPM is proud to recognize Heath Bertini, Account Support Manager, for his accomplishments since joining Madrivo's outsourced program management team. Prior to earning his position with MadrivoOPM, Mr. Bertini spent over 6 years as the Senior Business Development Manager for a top publisher in the affiliate space. After a year with Madrivo, Bertini states “I feel contracting for MadrivoOPM provides me with the valuable insight I need to have a well-rounded experience in the affiliate marketing space. I have enjoyed working with a small, highly experienced team that is comprised of the best in the business.”

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National Mortgage Refinance Lenders Choose Madrivo as Lead Generator for HARP

Madrivo was hand selected by leading mortgage lenders to execute lead generation campaigns targeting eligible US homeowners. The digital strategies Madrivo employs have generated over $2.4 billion in HARP mortgage loans to lending partners.

HARP assists people refinancing who want to refinance their homes as mortgage terms, interest rates and market conditions constantly change. This government program was created specifically for homeowners affected by volatile shifts in the real estate market, allowing them a lower interest rate, shorter loan term, or modification from an adjustable to fixed-rate mortgage.

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Digital Advertising Leader Kevin Hamor Chooses Madrivo to Expand his Portfolio of Fortune 500 Brands

Madrivo is proud to welcome a 16 year digital marketing veteran and sales executive, Kevin Hamor, to the Business Development and Account Executive team at Madrivo. Madrivo's combination of original content, diverse media, and data-driven marketing provide an excellent complement to the leading portfolio of advertisers that Mr. Hamor will bring to Madrivo. Mr. Hamor, a highly regarded industry standout chose Madrivo over many other opportunities due to the company's unorthodox performance marketing for advertisers and a track record of impressive ROI on advertising spend. Mr. Hamor explains, "Madrivo is very unique in the digital marketing space. Advertisers are looking for an agency that can reach target consumers across all media channels, stay abreast of the current digital media trends, and allocate budget to online publishers yielding the highest returns. I am so excited about the customer acquisition capabilities that we will bring to top brands."

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Madrivo Ranks in the top 100 Employers in the US

Based on a comprehensive review of the company’s profile, an extensive survey completed by employees, and demonstrated efforts to provide “exceptional human resources” to its workforce, Best & Brightest ranked Madrivo in top 100 employers throughout the US. This nomination substantiates the company’s “impressive commitment” to bettering the lives of its employees through various initiatives.

So what earned Madrivo such a prestigious award? Upon review of the results, Madrivo is a forerunner due to its approachable leadership dynamic, merit-based compensation structures, and an emphasis on cultivating a thriving company culture. Madrivo’s employees unanimously agreed that their employer has fostered a people-first environment that equips them with the guidance, resources, and motivation needed to succeed in their roles.

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Madrivo Grows Mobile and Native Ad Initiative

By 2017, mobile traffic will account for more than 25% of online ad spending worldwide. That translates to an estimated $15 billion dollars allocated solely to mobile advertising efforts.

Although Madrivo has always been an active player in the mobile channel, the company has recently implemented new strategies that will facilitate exponential growth in terms of market share and consumer engagement. In response to the surge of ad blockers hindering mobile display efforts, they also plan to enhance their native ad capabilities, securing placements that will put brands in direct contact with their ideal customers and potentially generate over 50% more views. Madrivo’s current sales executives have contributed to the brand’s rapid growth with their expertise in niche verticals. Adding Dan Buontempone’s experience from working with mobile and native ad affiliates to the mix will strengthen Madrivo’s competitive edge.

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MadrivoOPM Launches New Affiliate Program Partnership with Solar Energy Customer Acquisition Firm Lead Genesis

MadrivoOPM is proud to announce its new partnership with Lead Genesis, a lead generation company specializing in the renewable solar energy sector. This new relationship marks the beginning of Lead Genesis’ brand-new affiliate program, which MadrivoOPM will oversee and manage.

Recognizing opportunity in this growth sector, the company provides both online and offline media strategies to renewable energy providers in order to grow their market share, and affiliate marketing is the channel to open up consumers.

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Madrivo’s Email-Generated Revenue Hits an All-Time High on the Busiest Shopping Weekend of the Year

In the months leading up to Thanksgiving Weekend, multiple market research forums predicted that Black Friday and Cyber Monday would be the biggest online shopping days of year and that sales on Monday would generate the largest online revenue in history.

These predictions turned into realities and, although each day’s total revenue didn’t increase as much as in previous years, ecommerce earnings rose by 9.5% on Friday and 8.1% on Monday, with email traffic largely to thank.

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Madrivo Grows 1ink Through Promotions, Placement, and Partnership

Through 2014, Madrivo has connected with over twenty thousand new customers, nearing 1 million in sales.Since its inception in 2011, Madrivo has strived to help companies like, the leading online provider of quality ink supplies, reach their target customers through the most cost-efficient online marketing channels.

Madrivo leverages its resources to analyze consumer behavior and position brands in a meaningful way. With both the optimization of techtelligence and an adherence to industry compliance guidelines, the prestigious integrated online marketing agency has helped companies like realize their true potential as a top contender in the ecommerce space

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Madrivo and Benevolent Generation Proudly Invest in the Future of Orphans and Impoverished Children in Romania

Madrivo, an integrated media agency that specializes in affiliate marketing, and Benevolent Generation, a diversified investment and private equity firm, are proud to announce their joint participation with Romanian non-profit organization OvidiuRo as philanthropic investors.

Founded by Romanian teacher Maria Gheorghiu and American volunteer Leslie Hawke, the mother of Ethan Hawke, OvidiuRo helps provide early education to all poverty –stricken children in Romania. 

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