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Madrivo Achieves Certification as a Great Place to Work in 2019

​​​​​Madrivo, a leading digital advertising company that helps household brands acquire new customers online, was recently certified a Great Place to Work®. Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience and leadership behaviors. Only a small percentage of companies that take the company-wide survey receive certification. The certification is based on direct employee feedback provided as part of an anonymous survey about workplace experience. This is the third time Madrivo has been recognized as a Great Place to Work.

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Madrivo Wins Platinum Award for Helping Millions of Consumers Find Affordable Life Insurance

LAS VEGAS, November 27, 2018 ( - Madrivo, a top digital marketing firm, won the distinction of a MarCom Platinum Award for their achievement in lead generation through a life insurance email campaign. This marks their third year winning a MarCom award and ranks them among the likes of other household brands including Morgan Stanley, AARP, Honda, Lowe’s, Nationwide and many more.

MarCom is the leader in recognizing excellence in the ideas, media and messages of marketing and communications professionals worldwide. Starting in 2004, MarCom has grown to be one of the largest and most respected competitions in the world. About 6,000 print and digital entries are submitted each year from many countries.

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Madrivo's Email Hub Will Take Over Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, November 14, 2018 ( - Madrivo, a top performance marketing network and leader in email advertising and lead generation, is excited to announce they will be hosting The Email Hub, a 2-day, invite-only event that will educate publishers and marketers with the industry’s latest news, strategies, and trends.

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Las Vegas Email Company is Disrupting the Advertising Industry

As of Sept. 1, 2018, Madrivo - a rapidly growing email marketing network based out of Las Vegas, NV - delivered more than 33.9 billion impressions and over 12 million leads through relevant and engaging content, disrupting the nearly $200 billion dollar advertising industry and changing the way brands think about email marketing.

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Social Media Affiliates Choose Madrivo When Looking for Legitimate White-Hat Offers

Social media is emerging as a breeding ground for unethical and misleading advertising. With Facebook remaining the most popular social media network, an estimated $21.57 billion in U.S. ad revenue will account for 83% of the total social media ad spend throughout the nation in 2018.

Madrivo brings credibility to social advertising by only promoting offers that improve consumers’ quality of life. Every landing page, banner, and tagline are reviewed and approved by a licensed attorney to ensure they are compliant and ethical.

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Madrivo's Ad Campaigns Help Thousands of Homeowners Find Affordable Home Improvement Products and Services

LAS VEGAS, March 8, 2018 ( - Madrivo, a premier advertising network, recently published a case study reporting that they reached over nine million U.S. homeowners and helped hundreds of thousands enhance their homes with home improvement products and services.

Eighty-five percent of the nation’s homes were built prior to 1980, creating the need for frequent home improvements ranging from new sub-flooring to drywall replacement to plumbing and electrical replacement. As the home improvement industry continues to grow, consumers spend over $300 billion on products and services to upgrade and maintain their homes.

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Madrivo's Open Letter to Unilever's Keith Weed for His Warning to Google and Facebook

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Keith Weed, Unilever's CMO, grabbed headlines when he warned Facebook and Google to clean up their ad "swamp" or he would resort to pulling ads off of those platforms. The comments came from a keynote at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Springs, CA. Also mentioned in the speech was his stand against objectionable social media content and the lack of protection for children which harms users, causes social distrust and erodes democracies. He advised advertisers, agencies, and media owners to act in unison against these platforms.

In response, Madrivo CEO Ronen Hamatian wrote an open letter to Keith Weed, commending him for taking a public stand against these tech platform giants. Hamatian shares personal experiences that mirror Weed's philosophy and illustrates the different ways his affiliate ad network is joining the fight against unethical ad placement and objectionable content.

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Madrivo's Email Campaigns Help Thousands Feel Secure in Their Homes

LAS VEGAS, February 13, 2018 ( - A recent study revealed that Madrivo, a premier advertising network, reached tens of millions of consumers and helped nearly 100,000 U.S. homeowners protect themselves with trusted home security brands.

The home security market continues to grow and is estimated to reach $51.5 billion by 2022. This is largely in part due to an increased awareness related to safety and security as well as an increased rate of crime and growth in the adoption of cloud-based technologies. However, only 27 percent of households are protected by home security systems today and 107 million U.S. households do not have home protection security systems of any kind.

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Madrivo Anticipates Record-Breaking Growth in 2017 Due to Q4 Highs

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Madrivo, a premier performance advertising network, anticipates ending 2017 with ground-breaking growth due to back-to-back months of unprecedented sales volume.

The quality and volume of traffic in the past three months propelled Madrivo above annual growth projections for 2017. Most growth came as a result of increased budgets due to customer satisfaction. Several household brands that run their campaigns through the network were impressed by the high lifetime value of new customers acquired through Madrivo's traffic and granted them bigger budgets and increased payouts per lead.

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Madrivo is a Two-Time MarCom Gold Award Winner in Lead Generation

Madrivo, a leading digital marketing agency, won a MarCom Gold Award for the second consecutive year in recognition of their excellence in lead generation. This award ranks Madrivo among household brand names including AIG, Deloitte, Honda, IBM, MetLife, Nissan, and many more.

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