Senior Affiliate Manager

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Las Vegas, NV. For the right candidate, remote opportunities may be considered


A competitive base salary with an aggressive commission plan based on gross profit

Job Summary

Madrivo is a rapidly growing network in the affiliate marketing space that helps brands acquire new customers online. Madrivo offers an unparalleled value proposition to its advertisers due to its proven quality, exclusive affiliates, and sheer volume of media and optimization algorithms. This unique combination of attributes has led to explosive growth, and Madrivo is looking for a Senior Affiliate Manager to join our team and leverage our relationships with premier brands, unbeatable payouts, and strategic partnerships with affiliate vendors to scale our publisher base. Specifically, the expanding sales team needs an individual with a proven track record, direct publisher management experience and the ability to communicate our top-tier value proposition to affiliates, matching optimal media with best revenue generation mechanisms.

Key Qualifications

The ideal candidate would have the following experience and skills required:

  • 2+ years experience as an affiliate manager, publisher representative, or business development manager for an advertising firm or a CPA Affiliate Network.
  • Proven, recent and quantifiable track record of engaging affiliates, driving results and exceeding revenue goals
  • Possess an existing book of business and understands the affiliates’ business needs, revenue targets, and ways to increase profitability.
  • Diversity of affiliates, with an in-depth understanding and vast knowledge of traffic channels, i.e. Email, Native, Display, Social and paid search.
  • Ability to leverage Madrivo’s unparalleled value to publishers; and signup, manage and increase the business with a large number of affiliates.

Key Characteristics

The ideal candidate would have the following personality traits/characteristics:

  • 100% committed to Madrivo, unwavering focus on contributing to the brand’s collective success, loyal and supportive to team members
  • Going above and beyond in everything he or she does to meet and exceed personal and team goals
  • Possess an ownership mentality; treat company resources and team members with care
  • Ambition to be the best version of his or herself in their job role and as a positive influence on Madrivo’s culture
  • Push self to achieve personal goals consistently; evolve and break boundaries to exceed goals when possible
  • Always looking to excel in his or her role, advance knowledge and skillset; consistently seeking growth opportunities, professionally and personally
  • Solution-oriented; proactive in addressing and resolving issues or road blocks that arise
  • Openness to constructive feedback; motivation to improve weaknesses and harness strengths for the well-being of Madrivo’s team
  • Creative thinker; innovative and consistently suggesting new ways to do things
  • Accountability; ability to admit faults, learn from mistakes, and make a concrete effort to improve
  • Responsiveness and strong communication skills; accessibility to team and clients
  • Organization and time-management skills; ability to balance multiple priorities at once and consistently meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment

To apply, first draft a cover letter that covers each of the following items (NOTE: these requirements are different than the requirements listed on our application and must be included in the cover letter for consideration)
1. Your annual income for the past two years and your base salary range expectations
2. Why Madrivo should consider adding you to our team
3. A fun fact about you
4. Specific and quantifiable information about your recent track record
5. Details about your book of business and noteworthy clients

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