Madrivo’s quality is unmatched when it comes to New Customer Lifetime Value. Email is the most cost effective channel for new client acquisition for Fidelity Life, and Madrivo is at the top of the charts. They have the top in-house email marketers, great account management support and a team of people that respond to every need you have in minutes. Working with Madrivo is one of the best things you will do for your brand!

We have been working with Madrivo for a very long time and could not be happier with the service as well as the support that they offer. Madrivo has an amazing team full of dedicated, excited, and high quality professionals, who will go above and beyond to make sure their partners are satisfied. Working with Madrivo has been an absolute pleasure as it has been both a strong business relationship as well as an incredible partnership for a number of years that has led to over 80k leads to our campaigns.

Working with Madrivo has always proved to be not only easy but extremely efficient. The quality of traffic, the responsiveness from their CS team, and the consistent MoM growth they add to our company has always made working with them and providing them with what they need to be successful a no-brainer from BARK.

The Madrivo Team really takes the time to understand the needs of my campaigns, from a targeting and back-end metrics perspective. They care deeply about making the campaigns successful, lending their expertise and partnership relationships to make it happen. It’s a team approach that is a pleasure to work with!

Madrivo is an innovative growth company with powerful momentum behind it. Since our partnership began 6 years ago it has been a success, in part due to their technology and team. It has been an absolute pleasure working along side Ninfa. The expertise and guidance that Ninfa has provided has propelled our distribution and profitability forward. It’s my pleasure to call Madrivo a partner and Ninfa a friend.

CRO of a large direct publisher, 3+ Years

I’ve been a publisher with Madrivo for 3 years now and there is no other network that provides the amount of invaluable resources I have found at Madrivo. From branded offers and top payouts, an experienced Account Manager and Support team that are available to me 24/7, they are my go to network for everything. They understand the space through their exclusive publishers, and minimize the risk of testing new offers by providing analytics based on real traffic. I can trust that when they recommend an offer, odds are it will be a winner. In everything they do, they are first class.

Current Publisher, 4+ years

Madrivo has high epcs, brand name offers, they're friendly, fun, funny and most importantly they pay on time. Only Madrivo offers additional value added services to help their pubs become successful - what more can you ask for? Madrivo in 2020.

Current Publisher, 3+ years

I wanted express how glad I am that I have met and work with both Madrivo Media and my rep Jen Rozario. I have been a publisher for a long time and worked with all of the big networks out there. Madrivo has provided a level of understanding and support rarely seen in affiliate marketing. From timely updates on the newest offers to approving creative changes, Madrivo has been a wealth of knowledge and support. I can confidently say that through working with Madrivo I have been able to increase my ROI in a significant way.

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